Backup tape storage is the future

Storage or backup. A tape drive as the LTO 5 with LTFS uses a directory just like a hard disc. What to use when? Disc to disc (D2D) or disc to tape (D2T) or even disc to disc to tape (D2D2T) and in which tier? Patient  detail and medical information, medical image files or corporate data?


Data migration and back up hardware

Business critical data such as contracts, customer details and financial documents are stored within your IT systems. If this is stored for a long time, we call it a historical backup. Most of the critical business intelligence should last longer than the relatively short-term IT systems which produced the storage. Some questions may arise about the older storage and you might want to review your saved information. You will have to follow a data recovery program. Many historical backups are stored on tape media in a variety of formats, DLT, SDLT. DAT, AIT, LTO, or even 9 track platforms, which can be somewhat dated. We will include a summary of the backup devices at the end of this article.


FUJIFILM stelt tape media distributor aan

Fujifilm heeft met ingang van medio augustus 2014 Frontier BV uit Nijmegen aangesteld als Tape media distributor. FujiFilm meld vooral in de passie waarmee Frontier BV het tape storage promoot zichzelf te herkennen en geeft aan graag met zulke gedreven partners te willen werken.


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