Final Cut Pro X, Archiware P5 and the use of LTO tape

You are shooting every spot in the world and transferring the footage via a safe VPN to your studio, using your favorite camera and recorded both ARRIRAW and Apple ProRes 4444 formats. The footage was delivered to any RAID drives and immediately backed up to RAID 5 drives and LTO-5 or LTO-6 tape. Footage was then ingested into Final Cut Pro X and transcoded to Apple ProRes Proxy for editing.

You’ve invested many hours and lots of money into the footage and projects on your shared storage server. Keeping that data safe is mandatory to keep your business up and running and
meet your customer expectations. Because of this, you cannot afford to rely only on RAID protected disk storage to keep your data safe. True?

To organize your data protection, you need a platform that offers multiple levels of data protection. First, by utilizing our Archiware P5 storage offerings and platforms simple to use replication feature, you can keep a real-time backup of all of your content on another storage system. This is the fastest and easiest way to back up your data.Final Cut Pro X

For offline storage, you can use Platform’s Archive features including an LTO tape library to back up or Archive your content to LTO tapes. LTO tapes provide many benefits. With up to 2.5 terabytes of space per LTO tape cartridge for the LTO6, off sight storage or shipping to other facilities is simple and cost effective..

Combined with a library system the benefits of this archiving system can be used even more effectively.

Fujitsu ETERNUS LT40 G2 But, what kind of library you want to use and what are the differences? This question can be answered easily. If you send us your inquiries we will show you not only the differences but even how these appliances are uses.

We show many storage ready systemsHP 1/8 G2 Autoloader in our showroom, Let us help you
 with the selection and pick your

New features of Archiware P5StorageTek SL150

This new version drops the word PresSTORE from the product name and turns into “Archiware P5”. Under the hood, it gains some great features as well as a completely new database engine.

Archiware P5Getting started with P5 has never been easier. Setup assistants for P5 Backup, Synchronize und Archive get first time users up and running in three easy, assisted steps. A Backup plan can be setup within just a few minutes, finishing with the option to run it for the first time immediately. 

Meet the new way of using tape storage, smarter, easier, reliable and more cost effective. Let us help you with all your tape storage questions, Even it`s about repair, warranties, hardware, software or errors and events.

We are here to help you, lost your library password, no worries; we will restart your engine again.




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